Object of the game

Help beetle Vif to his home! Using the buttons and , move the beetle around the playing field. The button helps you jump and climb on objects. On the way, try to eat as many delicious flies as possible, , they may be useful in the future. Unfortunately, not everyone likes bugs in the house. The owners throw Slippers at him and try to crush him! Jump and Dodge! And remember, Vif really wants to go home!

Виф входит домой



Everyone: this is our buddy Vif. He is a little shy, but not at all cowardly. Every morning, Vif goes on a long and dangerous journey through a huge room to walk and get food. He often gets into trouble, and only you can get him out of it. Despite everything, Vif is not discouraged and believes that everything is in his paws and your hands!!!

Виф персонаж


In its journey, The Vif of constancy meets various objects. Some of them are special and keep their secrets!


room seporator image

Living Room

Гостинная предметы
room seporator image


Кухня предметы
room seporator image


Гараж предметы
room seporator image


Download the game and travel through the rooms with the Wif